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Tolmark Training & Consulting(Pvt)Ltd., we are a Training & Development and Business Consulting company were we highly focus on up-boosting the potential capabilities of the Human capital and Business.

Our prime objective is to contribute the best methodologies and strategies to make companies achieve greatness with the help of their workforce. This is because we steadily believe change have a direct and a powerful adhesiveness in relation to the performance of the Human capital and the business respectively.

Why are we unique?

Best Quality

Quality is not compromised when it comes to our service delivery


All our services are Highly customized according to respective industry & managerial levels

Best investment plan

We offer you with the best investment plan for all the services you enjoy with us.

Internationally accredited

Our programs are internationally accredited

our incredible timeline

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The best choice for all your Training & Development need + Business Consultations

9,700+ Learners

We have trained employees, lecturers, teachers, undergraduates & students

35+ Courses

We have a big list of highly customized training programs to suit your requirement

250+ Trainings

We have conducted huge amount of training & development sessions at all levels

3+ Languages

We have the potential of delivering our services in English, Tamil & Sinhala languages

75+ Clients

It's happy to say we have Happy clients. We have customers who provides us free promotions. The satisfaction makes it possible

90% companies trust

Companies believes that Tolmark can make our wish come true with their experience & strategies

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