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Tolmark, we are ready to support your business to make better performance. Our Training & Consultations will definitely raise your productivity bar

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have conducted training sessions outside Sri Lanka and we are open to travel

Yes, we do conduct result oriented Online training sessions with digital tools embedded.

All our trainers & Consultants are fluent in English, Sinhala & Tamil

We deliver Subject & Skills oriented trainings.

Yes, we do conduct & we have different packages for Outbound.This depends according to the Participants, Location, Budget, etc.

100% we will tailor make the program for you. this will be based on your industry, managerial levels of the participants, culture & geographical concerns of your business

Yes certainly, all our trainers are Internationally certified to conduct corporate training sessions

Yes, we do provide certificates & also thre are other benifits participants will recieve additionally.

Thank you for your interest. Please drop us an inquiry or email us. We’ll guide you further.

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